Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Branson Pic

I took a quick spin through Branson today with the woman who lives upstairs that I rent from.  I saw the quaint downtown and I will definitely be doing some pictures there later.  I jumped out long enough to grab a few shots of the waterfront.

Branson is situated on Lake Taneycomo.  It is about 20 miles east of where I live.  Today I used my Sony Handycam, which takes much better photos than my iPad 2.  It looks a bit fuzzy, but that's probably because the sun was shining so bright, I couldn't see what I was shooting.

I want to offer a bit of background on why I was spending so much time with my series of property posts.  I was helping my Mom out in Kansas, so I wasn't in the Ozarks to be up close and personal to do any photos myself or to talk about life here.  Plus, since I'm sincerely looking for a home, it just made sense.  It kept me connected to the area and that felt good.

My Mom doesn't drive anymore and so she needs someone to pick up groceries for her.  I also enjoyed cooking for her and doing household chores.  She's not in any medical need and she can do everything herself, but she likes being pampered as much as I like doing it, so it worked out.  But being an adult, of course, I wanted to get back to my life and so here I am.  Another sibling is doing her shopping and looking out for her now.

I just felt the need to put a perspective on why all of my posts may have seemed like they were long-distance.  It's because they were!  After I left my place in Douglas County, Missouri, I went to Kansas.

Branson today was a sweet reminder of my lovely parents who honeymooned there in the late 1940s.  My dear Father who I love very, very much passed on in 1990 and I know my Mom misses me a great deal since I've come back here.  I miss her too.  I am very blessed with wonderful parents and I am grateful for everything they do and have done.

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