Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Trusses and Mailbox

The trusses are up over the shop. Where the tractor is sitting is nice and level. There were huge piles of dirt there. Now it's ready for a patio.

The mailbox is down the lane.

I love the cedar log. It's so pretty and reflects my style. We chose a huge mailbox because I love to shop online. As I put it, "I like happy mail."

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

House/Shop Update

Things are coming along. We have walls all around and a roof over the downstairs living area. The biggest news is that we have the walls up on the second story. That was a job that required some manpower. This morning John went down the mountain looking for some help. Folks on the road below us are building a workshop/garage and the three builders came up and gave John a hand lifting the second story walls. It's wonderful to see them up.

Just a little explanation of the design. The living end is two stories. There's 18 x 30 down and 18 x 30 up for 1080 sf of living space. The large open one-story end is John's woodshop. It's 30 x 34 for 1020 sf. There'll be a total of 2100 sf when we're done.

That's roughly half the size of the lake house right across the road where we still live. It's for sale, a beautiful 4300 sf bargain at $216,500, if you know someone who wants to be an Ozark Mountains Table Rock Lake dweller. And we're your neighbors.

Another important development is utilities. We have electric, which is great for giving the neighbors a break from listening to the generator. We have water too. Internet and phone is in place, just a phone call to hook it up when needed. Septic will be coming soon.

The rains gave way and it's been HOT. I encourage John to take it easy and wait for Autumn temperatures. Again, it's amazing what a person can accomplish. I'm very impressed.