Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Run on Houses in Ava

There's a run on cute small houses in Ava, Missouri, the county seat of Douglas.  My acreage was in the eastern part of the county and Ava is in the western part.  These houses remind me of the one I had in Argentine in Kansas City, Kansas.  I loved that house.

Ava is a nice town and one of my favorites, especially with the way you come into it from the west.

Just imagine that you're headed east and you'll see this infamous diner pictured below, the Highway House Cafe, an Ava landmark since 1963.

This photo is from one of the best articles I've read. It can be found in Missouri Life magazine. Click on the photo to read the article, titled, "Towers and Tales Along the Trails" by John Robinson.

Now you'll run right into the cafe if you don't make the sharp right and continue along Highway 14--a scenic route that connects Springfield, a major city in Missouri and the urban hub for the Ozarks, to West Plains, the only town of any actual size in the middle of the Ozarks--to go up a steep incline into the town square.

This is what makes this town so unique is that the town square is perched up on a hill and all of a sudden you are going around three sides of the square while technically still on the highway!

You'll come out of the square still headed east, amazingly enough, after all this turning around, and before you know it, you'll find your way into the most amazing scenery to be found in this world.  Welcome to the Ozark Mountains.

There are so many houses, but I've just included a house in town and a house outside of town.  Click on either photo and you'll be taken to the realtor's site.

In Ava.

2 BR/1 BA
720 approx. sqft
Built in 1930
Taxes $97
Lot is 50x19
Gas Heat/Central Air
City/Rural Water

Outside of Ava.

3 BR/1 BA
950 approx. sqft
Built in 1930
Taxes $70
.6 acres
Propane Heat
Well Water

If you'd like to see others, please visit Missouri Real Estate Multi-List.