Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Early Harvest

I just wanted to grow pumpkins this year.  Don't know why only them, but I guess I just like pumpkins.  There's something so fun and quirky about them.  Little did I know that my harvest would come mid-summer instead of Halloween.  Silly me!  I figured you started stuff in the Spring, so that's what I did.  Little early, I'd say.

I also grew cantaloupes and watermelons since the folks here like them.  I figured, why not.

Here's what I just now picked.  There's one pumpkin out there that's still green and the largest one of all, so it'll be interesting to see how big it gets.

Tubing the Huzzah

I am fortunate to be able to claim that I've tubed the Huzzah Creek and the Meramec River in Crawford County, MO near Steelville.  It's something I read about doing and I sure was looking forward to doing it someday.  Little did I know, it would happen so soon.

My friends decided at the last minute to do concessions at the Crawford County Fair and so my opportunity arose out of the blue.  I didn't take my camera that day (the pics below are from Bass and The Rafting Co.), but I'll tell you what, I've got memories firmly implanted in my mind I'll never forget.

It was gorgeous, serene and so much all-around fun, I highly recommend it.  I know I'll be doing it again.  Next time, I'm going to visit Huzzah's sister creek, the Courtois, which is pronounced Court-Away, while Huzzah is pronounced Who-Zall.

There's lots of river and rafting companies and resorts to choose from.  We went through Bass and I have a cute pink t-shirt to prove it.  ツ

Oh, and the drive home down I-44 was sublime. I enjoyed the heck out of it. Just gorgeous and happy to be home.

Historic Route 66 Diner

I worked for a few weeks at College Street Cafe in Springfield, MO on historic Route 66.  I loved working there, but the schedule didn't work for me.  I started ironically enough on National Waiters and Waitresses Day of May 21.  If I remember correctly, it was built in 1957.  It's located at Kansas Expressway at 1622 College Street.

That's the cook standing in front.  Just the waitress and the cook.  Can't beat that for simplicity.  There's a regular clientele and they're memorable and enjoyable folks to be around.  Plus, there's Route 66 travelers from all around the world.

Funny enough, a gentleman walked in one day and it was love at first sight.  I know that sounds crazy and it sure has never happened to me before.  And even though I'm not there anymore, I have a good feeling that I'll run into this man somewhere down the road.  If it's meant to be, then it will be.