Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Friday, October 9, 2009

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

I wrote an article about my trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  It is such a fun and colorful town.  It is a must visit for everyone.  I've never seen anywhere like it.

Here's some of the streets.

Here's some of the amazing architecture you'll see around town.

Here's how you get to many of the shops, galleries and restaurants.  This one goes to my favorite restaurant, the Oasis.

Here's one of the many springs the historical town is noted for.

There's a pavilion and park right in the heart of downtown where musicians play for free.

There's so many grand and beautiful hotels in Eureka Springs and some are reportedly haunted.

Basin Park Hotel

Flat Iron

Crescent Hotel

Palace Hotel

Tall Pines Inn

This is one of the stills I took of ES&NA, the Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railway.  I like how it came out.

Here is an old building mural advertising the magnificent Crescent Hotel and it's ballroom restaurant, the Crystal Dining Room.  It has become the logo for my blog.

The second mural for the Crescent Hotel is pictured in the right-hand column for sending me an email.  But since it is hard to see that small, here it is in a larger size.

I just love the murals in Eureka Springs.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Land in the Ozarks

I've owned land for several years in the Missouri Ozarks.  It is where I call home.  I absolutely love it.  It is the most beautiful place I've ever seen and home to the nicest people I've ever met.

Here's the road to my property.

I've been in all of the lower 48 states, but nothing that I've taken to as much as the Ozark Mountains.  I own nearly six acres in Douglas County and I'd like to get the other six acres next to mine.

My place is off of Highway 95 between Drury and Gentryville.  Highway 95 runs north and south and comes out of Mountain Grove, one of my favorite towns, about 27 miles to the north.  It is the nearest largest town.

Highway 95 is a lovely quiet winding road, not a highway at all, that connects Highway 60, which is an actual highway, and Highway 14, a scenic route.

The two towns right around me are so small that one consists only of a country store and the other one has two country stores, a mechanic and a church.  Two of these small stores are three miles away and the other one is five miles away.

I am just a couple miles north of Highway 14.  I am in a very quiet part of the woods.  Not many people here and it is completely off the grid.

I have a wonderful life here.  I really like being out in the woods with three very cool small towns about 25-30 miles away:  Ava to the west, Mountain Grove to the north and Gainesville to the south.  And I have West Plains, the only town of any "size" less than 40 miles to the east.  I think of it as being in the middle of all of them!

Here's the view just down the road from my place.

I swim in the nearby creeks and rivers, most particularly Bryant Creek.  It is the cleanest, clearest and most beautiful water I've ever seen.  It is the most fun I've had.  Everyone jumps off the highway bridge and swims.  It is a blast.  I cherish my days and can imagine no other future than the life I have.

UPDATE:  I no longer have this property.  I loved it very much, but I wasn't so fond of having a shared road.  You'll notice many of my newer posts are about my search for a new property and once I've found one, my posts will be about my life in the Ozarks.