Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Return to My Original Love

I'm going back to my original love of posting pics of land I like.  It's interesting what happened with my relationship with this 5 acres.  I found it on United Country awhile back and loved what I saw.  It's beautiful and it's a great price at $8,500.  But I dismissed it because it's in the "Northern Ozarks" as I call them.

Interestingly, after being down here just above Arkansas, the part of the Ozarks I always thought I'd live in, I find I'm constantly obsessing over missing Kansas City.  After all, it's the area I'm from and Kansas City is home.  The thing is I don't want to live in Kansas City.  I want to live in the Ozarks.  But I sure would like proximity for Kansas City to be my "go to city."

I decided to get a bit creative and be open-minded to the counties within the Ozarks that are nearest to Kansas City.  One of these counties is Morgan and a part of Lake of the Ozarks is located within the county.  You can revisit my favorite map of the Ozarks to see the counties within the Ozarks.

Funny enough, as soon as I started exploring Morgan County, guess which parcel popped up again?  The gorgeous 5 acres that I had loved, but dismissed months before.  Curious how life works in circles.

It is listed by United Country Conner Realty in Stover, Missouri, which is a town, based upon pictures, that I seem to be gravitating to the most in the area.  The county seat is Versailles.  This parcel is listed as Gravois Mills, which is right on the edge of Lake of the Ozarks.  It will be nice to visit the area once it greens up to see how I feel about it in person.

This property is on a hilltop with a view and includes electric, phone and cell signal, which are all good signs.  Drilling for a well seems to be a breeze here with an excellent aquifer.  Typical with remote land, there are no building restrictions, which is what I need because I'm building less than 500 sq. ft.

Here is the photo I fell in love with several months back.

There are two other affordable 5-acre parcels in Morgan County listed by United Country (shown below).  The first one pictured is $7,500 with a small spring and the second one pictured with a waterfall is $9,500.  All three parcels offer free public access to Lake of the Ozarks about two miles away.  Access includes concrete boat ramps, a paved parking area, restrooms, picnic areas and a fishing dock.

It'll be years before I buy my next place, so my love of posting pics of properties will continue on.  I'm patient and it's an enjoyable journey.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Third Snowfall of the Season

I posted pictures a few posts back of the first snowfall which fell in the night, stopped falling by dawn and melted by afternoon.  I didn't post pics of the second one because it continued in the same pattern as the first.  As we all know, this winter season has been warmer than most.

This third snowfall of the 2011-12 season included more snow, but nothing mind-blowing.  It was also distinct because it fell late into the afternoon of the following day rather than stopping at daybreak.

Since it wasn't just a slight ground covering like one and two, being a few inches it made roads a bit tedious.  I don't tend to go out in the snow and drive because I'd rather stay home, but I'd promised a florist in Springfield that I'd help deliver Valentine's Day bouquets.  I was up early and on Highway 13 at 5 am on the 13th while the snow was clearly falling.

I thought it might stop as the sun rose like the first two snowfalls, but nope.  I was surprised when it was still falling later that day.  It made going home just as much of a bear.  But it didn't last long, a good bit of it melted on the 14th and the rest of it in the rain that fell on the 15th.

Now the question remains whether this third snowfall is our final one.

I captured this picture late on the 13th when I got home and I like how the dog's paw prints make a V for Valentine's Day or for Victoria, my name, either way you want to look at it.

I realize I'm a bit late here, but Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!