Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hawthorn and the Baby Trees / The Big One

Hawthorn just turned one on the sixth!  Happy Birthday, Hawthorn!  She's such a pretty Ragdoll!  She's sniffing my baby trees.  This is the only foray allowed to the outside for her—the little deck outside my door.  I call it a Juliet balcony because it overlooks the 2 acres here as well as my favorite set of tall trees.

Everything has been harvested from the garden.  I got one more small watermelon, three more pumpkins similar to the ones I posted in my last entry, and The Big One, seen below.

Too bad it's not closer to Halloween!


  1. Happy Birthday Kitty!!
    Nice pumpkins, I'm hoping I'll have some for Halloween....if the stinking armadillos don't the plants up by then.

  2. Happy birthday to Hawthorn, she's a pretty kitty! The pumpkin looks good and reminds me that fall is just around the corner. I'm glad, I think I've had enough of this hot, dry summer! I just don't like winter, tho. Hope it's not as bad as the summer was!!

  3. You must have planted your pumpkins early! I say, make a pie without the shell... & it's a pumpkin pudding!

  4. Yeah- go for the pie- Halloween is too far away! Hawthorne is a pretty kitty!

  5. Happy Birthday Hawthorne, she is beautiful! You did really well to grow the melons and pumpkins during the drought and heat! Our little garden with tomatoes and peppers just burnt up even with me watering everyday. The first year we lived on Granny Mountain we grew pumpkins and had 30 of them in various sizes but haven't had any luck in the last few years. The deer eat the vines before they can put on fruit. This fall we are planting 20 crepe myrtles to replace the boxwoods we've lost to the heat. One of these days we are going to just give up and let Mother Nature take over!

  6. Your cat is adorable! My cat just turned one a little while ago too. I can't believe it. It seems like it was just yesterday when she was a teeny tiny little kitten :)