Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Early Harvest

I just wanted to grow pumpkins this year.  Don't know why only them, but I guess I just like pumpkins.  There's something so fun and quirky about them.  Little did I know that my harvest would come mid-summer instead of Halloween.  Silly me!  I figured you started stuff in the Spring, so that's what I did.  Little early, I'd say.

I also grew cantaloupes and watermelons since the folks here like them.  I figured, why not.

Here's what I just now picked.  There's one pumpkin out there that's still green and the largest one of all, so it'll be interesting to see how big it gets.


  1. How amazing that you can grow watermelons...
    Wish I was closer as I'd love a taste!

  2. My watermelon plants have a very few little ones coming along. I hope they make it, but they need watering every day and that's getting to be a pain! Hope we all get some rain soon. Your watermelon looks good!

  3. Those are magnificent. When we grew them here the turtles got them exactly on the day they were ripe...chewing holes in the rinds; shameless behavior! Now we buy them, imported from Arkansas.

  4. Great Job!! Especially this year!! If I had my way, I would only grow pumpkins and gourds. I mean, all you really have to do is pick them and display them. Right? lol, and I supposed use some pumpkin for pies and such :) -Tammy

  5. I agree, you did better than anyone I know! Pumpkins will keep for quite a while if the squirrels don't find them. If you go out one day and see holes bored all over, you'll know what got 'em!