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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Old Y-Bridge in Galena

The cool old Y-Bridge in Galena, MO is off Highway 248/265/413, which is just one road.  The bridge closed in 1986 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It crosses the James River and opened the year my sweet Mom was born in 1927.  It got its name from its shape.  It does look just like a Y.  It allowed drivers leaving Galena heading east to cross the James River and to make either a left and go north or a right and go south onto then Highway 43/44, now 248/265/413.

Here we have each end of the bridge.

I got a few shots from above of the beautiful underlying structure.  When I return, I will indeed be taking the gravel drive down to the river's edge so that I can capture the bridge from below.

Here's the James River to the south.

And to the north.

You'll notice a train trestle to the south and the current highway bridge in operation for 248/265/413 to the north.  Now I know we came to the Y-Bridge on this same highway, so talk about confusing.  Keep in mind that the highway comes to a T just a bit up the road from the Y-Bridge, so it runs both north/south and east/west.  At the T intersection, you can go right and take 176 and head east or you can take a left and continue on 248/265/413 to the west.

And the James River shore.

And the neverending Ozark hills.

And here's the infamous Y.

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