Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Missouri's Capitol in Jefferson City

I've traveled 48 states and I grew up in two capital cities and seen a good many of the others, but funny enough, I'd never seen Missouri's capital of Jefferson City.  Here's some shots of the capitol building taken with my new JVC Everio GZ-HD500, which I absolutely love.  Now I've got that clear JVC quality which I so missed.  I sold my Sony Handycam on eBay to a buyer in Brazil, so good-bye irksome pictures.

The journey to pick up my precious Ragdoll, Hawthorn, resulted in a return trip via Highway 54.  When I looked at the map, I saw that 54 cut right down to the Ozarks from I-70 quite nicely.  It's a road I've not been on before, so bonus, plus it covered three places I've never been, but have wanted to see:  Jeff City, Osage Beach and Buffalo.  I've seen Lake of the Ozarks before, but always from Highway 13 when I'd come down from Kansas City, which is the very western edge and not the true heart of it.

I really enjoyed the ride down 54 and it's a highway I want to do a lot more exploring on.  There's a lot to see along it.


  1. I found this really cool photo of Missouri's first state capitol building in Saint Charles near Saint Louis - Interestingly, I have a post coming up on Saint Charles.

  2. Great shot of the Capitol! I like St. Charles too, and look forward to your post about the city.