Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Friday, November 5, 2010

I Love This Land

I found this 3.1 acre parcel in Maries County near Vichy, Missouri for only $8,000 and it's got electricity.  Get this, taxes are $1.87 a year.  Vichy is just 10 miles from Rolla.  I've always really liked Rolla.  When I used to get turned around near Springfield and get on Interstate 44, better known as Route 66, instead of Highway 60, I'd hit Rolla and realize my mistake and start heading south through the hills.  The roads in the Ozarks are so curvy and wonderful.  It is so much fun to drive there, so it was a welcome mistake.  I discovered I really liked Rolla and how pretty it is around there.

Here's some photos of the acreage.

It is about 70% open and 30% wooded.  I would really like to own this, but I've got to buy a house before I buy land.  If it's still available in a couple of years, I may buy it.  Here's the realtor:  Weidinger Real Estate.  You may just get it before I do.  If so, invite me by!

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  1. What great land! I told Mr. Homesteader about it, but he wasn't as keen on living that far north as I am. I guess we'll keep looking for retirement land a bit further south in the Arkansas Ozarks.