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Monday, January 5, 2015

First Snow and New Additions

We finally had our first snow yesterday and it didn't consist of much accumulation, but it sure was pretty falling.

You can really see the snowflakes much clearer in this one.

This is what most days this winter have looked like.

The woods above and Table Rock Lake below.

Considering the weather, the new additions aren't regarding the shop/house build, but rather to some new fur friends that have joined the household.

First, we have Samantha, a calico kitten, and Lily, a Yorkie mix. They are both from the Stone County Humane Society. John and Lily are BFFs and can't be separated. Samantha is like a parrot and sleeps on my shoulder or chest/neck. I've never seen such a cuddle monster of a cat in my life. They've been here since November.

I guess since they came home together, they bonded.

They spent the whole first day in bed. Samantha spent most of it under the covers where she still loves to sleep. They even ate together in the beginning.

Then a random new addition from this weekend is Vince. John named him. He's the hotel kitty.

We get strays in Branson that come around the hotel. Most of them won't let you within a mile of them, but this black and white kitty would let you pet him and he'd come running whenever he'd see me at work. A hotel guest bought a box of cat food and when it ran out, I brought in some cat food from home. My coworkers would put out sausage and eggs from breakfast for him.

I couldn't take it anymore and figured this is no life for a kitty and brought Vince home. He spent the first day on the shelf in our pantry adjusting. Now he's out and about and he's playing!

It's a new year. Happy New Year! May all you dreams come true this year.

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  1. Lucky animals; they have found a wonderful new home.

    Hope you all have the best New Year ever!