Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Meet Ponca

This is Ponca, a baby Pomeranian, who looks just like a little fox. He just joined our family. He's from Valley Springs, Arkansas, just south of Harrison. He's named Ponca after the high mountain Ozarks town on the Buffalo River.

 I saw a 'POMERANIANS' sign on Highway 65 when we were heading down to float the Buffalo in our kayaks and I stopped at the little house next to the gas station on the way back.

Once a long time ago when I was riding my mountain bike, I stopped when I saw the cutest little black dog ever. I asked the owners what kind of dog it was and they said, "Pomeranian," and I knew then that someday I'd get one. Tuesday was that day.

Welcome Ponca!


  1. That is about the cutest "smile" ever!

  2. Ponca the Pomeranian! May your puppy bless your house!

  3. Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  4. Victoria, He does look like a fox! I really enjoy the vibe of your blog. I moved back to the Ozarks (Ozark, MO) about a year ago after living in Kansas City for 13 years. Me, my boyfriend and our basset hound live on the Finley River and I keep a blog about our life here. If you want to give it a look it is I followed you on google friends connect so I can keep up with your posts. Maybe if you like my blog you could help support me too. Looking forward to reading more from you. ~ Leanne

    1. Leanne, I want you to know I'm a reader of your blog. I had no idea you read mine. I'm so pleased to hear that! Thank you, Victoria

  5. Oh, Victoria -- how adorable! Hope you will post all about him.

  6. How adorable! I hope you will be writing lots of posts about him.