Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Magical Faerie Woods

We are having the most insanely beautiful thunderstorms right now.  It is so lush and green.  It looks like the magical faerie woods around here.  Plus, there's something about southwestern Missouri that is naturally like that.

The hard-pouring rain and loud thunder stopped almost like a conductor stopping an orchestra - all at once.  Eerie!  In between storms, I ran and shot a few photos of my set of favorite eight trees.

Here they are for you to enjoy.

Have a Great Sunny or Rainy Day in Your Neck of the Woods!


  1. nice. especially with the hotel sign at the top of the page.

  2. Nice photos, I love the way everything always looks so much greener after a rain and smells fresher.

  3. Beautiful pictures, you were BRAVE to go out between storms! We didn't really have any bad weather, just showers on Sunday. It was SO nice, I love a rainy day!

  4. These spring storms are hefty this year- so glad when they blow on through.

  5. Victoria, thanks for visiting my blog and mentioning the Argentine area. I don't know the area at all except that it is there. I will add it to my list for exploring and finding photos. I enjoyed reading your blog. I first traveled through the ozarks at Christmas time this last year and again at Easter on my way to Memphis and then Alabama. It is a beautiful area.

  6. Hi, haven't posted for a while and I'm hoping all is well with you. Divinebunbun