Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretty Pink-Purple Signs of Spring

I just saw some new Spring flowers on Flickr.  It inspired me to go outside and take photos of the new purple "lawn" that has been sprouting up and taking over in the past few days.  I can't complain about my favorite color taking over!

From a distance, the patches look dark purple, but the closer you get, the more pink it gets.  I enjoy these photos taken just now and I hope they brighten your day too.


  1. How nice to be going into Spring, over here we are in Autumn approaching Winter without having a good summer. Most unusual. I blame the government!
    So Victoria I guess we can look forward to some beautiful spring images...

  2. Enjoyed looking at your blog. You have some interesting pictures. Thanks for joining my blog and leaving a comment. Hope you are able to buy your ideal 5 acre plot of land and build your ideal cabin. Great dream.

  3. Pretty spring flowers. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my post about daffodils. Yes, my Mom is sweet and still going strong. She'll be 96 this weekend. - Margy

  4. I think it's called Purple Deadnettle and when I was growing up in Springfield, it littterly WAS our front lawn in early spring! It died back when the grass started growing but I always considered them "flowers" and would gather bouquets for Mom or the neighbors! lol Springtime is beautiful with easter egg colors everywhere we look! My allergies, not so beautiful! Hope you are well...