Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Third Snowfall of the Season

I posted pictures a few posts back of the first snowfall which fell in the night, stopped falling by dawn and melted by afternoon.  I didn't post pics of the second one because it continued in the same pattern as the first.  As we all know, this winter season has been warmer than most.

This third snowfall of the 2011-12 season included more snow, but nothing mind-blowing.  It was also distinct because it fell late into the afternoon of the following day rather than stopping at daybreak.

Since it wasn't just a slight ground covering like one and two, being a few inches it made roads a bit tedious.  I don't tend to go out in the snow and drive because I'd rather stay home, but I'd promised a florist in Springfield that I'd help deliver Valentine's Day bouquets.  I was up early and on Highway 13 at 5 am on the 13th while the snow was clearly falling.

I thought it might stop as the sun rose like the first two snowfalls, but nope.  I was surprised when it was still falling later that day.  It made going home just as much of a bear.  But it didn't last long, a good bit of it melted on the 14th and the rest of it in the rain that fell on the 15th.

Now the question remains whether this third snowfall is our final one.

I captured this picture late on the 13th when I got home and I like how the dog's paw prints make a V for Valentine's Day or for Victoria, my name, either way you want to look at it.

I realize I'm a bit late here, but Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!


  1. I like the paw prints in the snow too!

    Our snow just lasted about 24 hours and it melted away.