Photo Taken in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cute Kitty Poses

I spied Hawthorn on the wicker couch and couldn't pass up another photo op.  She was napping, but as soon as she spied the camera, she opened her eyes.

I'd say based on that look on her face, she was none too pleased with me disturbing her.  And she looks like such a roly poly butterball, doesn't she?  She loves to gobble up her canned kitty food, which I have to keep under control because I think she'd eat til no end.

But let's just get cuter . . .

Never did I expect she'd start doing cute kitty poses for all of us.

She's not done yet. She's got some stretching in her.

I initially grabbed my eCam to capture her in her various stages of growing up because I know she'll grow up so fast and I'll regret it if I don't have cute pictures of her all along the way, but I sure didn't expect to get such sweet and fun kitten attitude.


  1. If Pepper could see these she might be booking a ticket due east!

    I want to tickle those bellies...

  2. My furball likes to lay on her back a lot. Your kitty is so pretty! Cute photos!

  3. Your kitty is so cute! (We have two of the little furry critters too.)