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Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Additional A-Frame

I'd be amiss if I didn't cover this A-Frame before I left.  It is in Merriam Woods, which is right next to Rockaway Beach and very close to Lake Taneycomo.  All just minutes from Branson.

The listing agent is Gerken & Associates Realtors and it's being sold for a price that is a bit higher than I typically talk about on here, but it's still affordable at $56,500.  There's no direct URL to the listing because of the way they do their searches through the IDX, but it is MLS #334480.

It might be a tad too "neighborhoody" for my tastes, but I just love A-Frames and can't pass up the opportunity to talk about one when they come on the market.  That bedroom is just wonderful and the rest of the rooms are beautiful too.  It is just the right size at 2 BR/1 BA/1100 sqft and it has a fenced-in yard, which is nice.

The good news is that I'll be leaving late Tuesday or early Wednesday to come down to live near Table Rock Lake.  I'll be taking lots of pictures and talking about my daily life, so things will be changing up around here!

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  1. Looks really nice, but $56,500? I'm out of touch with real estate prices. Good luck on the move, and welcome to God's Country, that's what they call the Ozarks! I think we are being a little braggy, there!