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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cheap Acreage in Wayne County, Missouri

I've found some of the least expensive land I've ever seen at Missouri Real Estate Multi-List.  It is my absolute favorite real estate site because it includes the entire state.  It keeps a blog that shows the properties that have been added for that day.  This makes it really nice because you don't have to do a new search all the time and hope that you've found everything that's recently been added.  It's easy to keep up with new listings.  This is the link to the Missouri blog and this is the link to the Arkansas blog.

The land below is through United Country which has a reputation for listing cheap acreage.  It's nice there's a realtor that is doing this.  I've read a few times on various forums of others singing United Country's praises for having inexpensive land listings.

It's four acres for $4,000.  $1,000 an acre is not a price you see much more these days.  Here are some pictures.

This picture below is nearby and shows a different season. 

The land is on Highway TT near McGee, Missouri.  It's a very short north-south highway on the far right of the map.  Wayne County's got a nice big chunk of Mark Twain National Forest, so you know it's breathtakingly beautiful like all of the Ozark Mountains.

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